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Shopify Installation Guide

Last Updated: May 18, 2017 12:50PM CDT
The following is needed before you get started:

A valid Shopify account with an operating store.
A working Simplify Commerce account and access to the API public and private keys tied to that account.

Installing the Payment Gateway

1. To set up the gateway to be used for the checkout of the Shopify store, log into the administration section of the store and go to Settings --> Payments.

2. Click the Change provider button. 

3. Click the Select provider dropdown on this pop-up and select the Simplify Commerce by Mastercard option.

4.  Once this plugin is selected a pop-up page the following fields in this screenshot need to be filled out to finish the setup:

Please note: The above field regarding the transaction fee is placeholder content. Simplify Commerce does not charge merchants a fee. Processing fees are set by the acquirer you selected when creating your Simplify Commerce account.

Using test mode – Leave the box unchecked to enable the gateway for live payments. The live keys must be inputted if this is selected. If test is selected and the box is checked, then the sandbox keys must be entered. Enabling test mode will allow the testing of orders using the test credit card numbers found here.

The Hosted Payments Public & Private API keys can be found here on the Simplify Commerce account page that is being used:

Hosted Payments Public Key – This is the live key found on the API Keys section for live payments.

Hosted Payments Private Key – This is the live key found on the API Keys section for live payments.

Sandbox Public Key – (Test Mode) – The test mode checkbox must be enabled to use this field.

Sandbox Private Key – (Test Mode) – The test mode checkbox must be enabled to use this field.

Clicking activate saves the settings and activates the gateway. It should now be available for customers to use when proceeding through the checkout.

Possible Pitfalls

If there is an API error being received, it should be checked that the correct Public & Private Keys have been input (not test keys) and are in the correct location and that Test Mode is disabled. Public keys start with sbpb_ (sandbox/test key) or lvpb_ (live key). It should also be checked that the keys being used are enabled for hosted payments. When looking at the key this hosted tag should be visible:

Frequently Asked Questions

Simplify Commerce is not appearing in the dropdown menu for third party providers, why is this?

As this gateway is currently in Beta you must sign up for the Simplify Commerce Shopify plugin here. Log in to your Shopify account and click Add payment gateway. It should now appear on this drop down list.

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