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Drupal Installation Guide

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2017 03:24PM CDT
The following is needed before you get started:

Working Installation of Drupal Core (8.x+) and Drupal Commerce(2.x+).
A server with CURL support — to communicate with the API
PHP 5.4+ MySQL database. SSL/HTTPS setup — to keep customer data safe (not required if testing sandbox accounts or using hosted payments)
Simplify Commerce account (can sign up here).

1. Click here to download the Simplify Commerce payment module.

2. Log in to the admin section of the store - usually the website name with admin after - http://localhost/drupal/web/admin.

3. On the top menu bar go to Manage --> Extend and click the button on that page that says 'Install new module'. 

4. Click the 'Choose File' and use the file tar.gz file that was downloaded in step 2 above.

5. Click the Install button.

6. The following screen should show up if the installation completed correctly:

7. Click on 'Enable newly added modules' or go back to the Manage --> Extend tab.

8. Scroll down to the Commerce section dropdown and tick the box for the Simplify Commerce module. Then go to the bottom of the page and click 'Install'. The following screen should then appear.

9. Next go to the Manage --> Commerce --> Configuration --> Payment gateways and click the Add payment gateway button. 

10. This will bring you to the screen with a form that will needed to be filled out to get the payment gateway working.

11. In the Name field, the name of the payment method that will be seen to the customer should be put here. For simplicity, it is recommended to write 'Pay with Simplify Commerce.

12. Under the Plugin option, On-site (standard) or Hosted Payments has to be selected. Select the Hosted Payment option to use Simplify Commerce's secure hosted payment form for the payments. See Simplify Commerce Hosted Payments for more information. If not using hosted payments, SSL must be configured to use the on-site (standard payment) option. A quick description of the different payment modes is as follows:

On-site (standard) – The card field appears on the checkout page.
Hosted Payments – Hosted Payments must be enabled in the API Keys settings.
With or without SSL: Customers are redirected to Simplify Commerce's secure site to pay. This means a modal dialog will open on a new tab.

13. Select Live to enable the gateway for live payments. The live keys must be inputted if this is selected. If test is selected, then the sandbox keys must be entered. Enabling test mode will allow the testing of orders using the test credit card numbers found here. Sandbox mode does not require an SSL certificate

14. The Api keys (public and private) needed here can be found on the Simplify page of the account being used here

15. The api keys are as follows:

Live Public API Key – This is the live key found on the API Keys section for live payments. SSL is needed.
Live Private API Key – This is the live key found on the API Keys section for live payments. SSL is needed.
Sandbox Public API Key (Test Mode) – Sandbox must be enabled to use this field.
Sandbox Private API Key (Test Mode) – Sandbox must be enabled to use this field

16. Save Changes. This payment method rule has to be enabled as can be seen with the enabled checkbox at the bottom of the screenshot from step 10.

17. The Simplify Commerce payment method should now be available in the checkout process.

Possible Pitfalls

The default username/password combo to log into phpMyAdmin is 'root' and whatever password that was used when installing X-Cart originally.

If there is an API error being received, it should be checked that the correct Public & Private Keys have been input (not test keys) and are in the correct location and that Test Mode is disabled. Public keys start with sbpb_ (sandbox/test key) or lvpb_ (live key).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Simplify Commerce bundled with Drupal?​

No, it does not come pre-bundled with Drupal, you will have to install using the instructions above.

Is the Simplify Commerce module supported with version 7.x of Drupal?

No, it is only supported on version 8.x of Drupal core paired with version 2.x of Drupal commerce.

There is an error appearing when I am trying to test the payment gateway, where can I find the logs?​

The logs can be found in Manage --> Reports --> Recent log messages. This should give you an idea of what is happening. If it is still unclear, send on whatever logs you might deem to be necessary to our support staff.

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