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X-Cart Installation Guide

Last Updated: Mar 06, 2017 02:31PM CST
The following is needed before you get started:

Working Installation of X-Cart
A server with CURL support — to communicate with the API
PHP 5.4+
MySQL 5.1.31 or higher. You can also use MySQL-compatible database engine MariaDB. SSL/HTTPS setup — to keep customer data safe (not required if testing sandbox accounts)

Installation Steps

This guide assumes that a version of X-cart is already installed and running.

1. Log in to the admin section of the store – usually the website name with admin.php after –

2. On the left hand side go to Modules and click the link on the top right of that page that says 'View more addons in Marketplace':

3. Search for Simplify and the top result should be the “Simplify Commerce by Mastercard” module.

4. Click the check box beside the install button for the Simplify module and then press the 'Install modules' button. Make sure there is not anything installing accidentally by clicking the dropdown menu to the right of the 'Install modules' button.

5. The following screen should show up if the installation is running correctly.

6. A 'Recently installed modules' page should pop up after the installation and here one should be able to see the Simplify Commerce module. If this page does not come up, search for it on the installed modules page.

7. Click on the 'Settings' button on the Simplify module

8. The user will then be redirected to the payment settings page. This page is in 'Store setup Payment methods'. In here click on the 'Add payment method' button.

9. The search screen should show the results below. Note: Our supported versions are the ones with the official Simplify Commerce by MasterCard Logos.

Hosted and non-hosted payments

If hosted payments is used, the checkout is fully hosted by Simplify, which is compliant with updated PCI standards and requires not server side scripting.

The hosted payment form will display either a modal or an embedded iFrame on the website offering a fluid, simple user experience for the customers. 

Your website must be HTTPS enabled in order to use hosted payments. 

10. Click the add buttons and then go into the settings. The hosted and non-hosted setting screens are similar. The only difference is that hosted payments settings allow you to place in test and live keys for webhooks. 

11. The URL above in the greyed out box should be added to the 'Add a new webhook' entry form in the Simplify Commerce account under the Web Hooks setting page (below API keys in screenshot below).

12. The API keys needed here can be found on the Simplify Commerce account that is going to be used.

13. The API keys are as follows:

Public Key – This is the live key found on the API Keys section for live payments. SSL is needed.
Private Key – This is the live key found on the API Keys section for live payments. SSL is needed.
Sandbox Public Key – (Test Mode) – Sandbox must be enabled to use this field.
Sandbox Private Key – (Test Mode) – Sandbox must be enabled to use this field.

14. Save Changes. Finally, the sorting order can be changed and payment modules can be turned on or off on the Payment settings page under the Sorting & Descriptions tab. This is in the Store Setup section on the admin dashboard of X-Cart.

15. There should only be one Simplify Module active to avoid confusion.

Possible Pitfalls

The default username/password combination to log into phpMyAdmin is 'root' and whatever password was used when installing X-Cart originally.

Make sure the keys are correct and if the hosted payment module is being used, make sure the API keys are enabled for hosted payments in the Simplify Commerce account.

Make sure the webhook URL is entered on the Webhook settings page on the Simplify Commerce account page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the X-Cart page for downloading the plugin?

You can click here to access the page. 

Is Simplify Commerce bundled with X-Cart?

No, it does not come pre-bundled with X-Cart, you will have to install using the instructions above.

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