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WooCommerce Installation Guide

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2017 03:31PM CDT
The following is needed before you get started:

A server with CURL support — to communicate with the API
PHP 5.3+ — a requirement of the SDK used

WooCommerce 2.6+ (this can be installed easily and automatically from the wordpress plugins menu - just search for WooCommerce)
SSL/HTTPS setup — to keep customer data safe (not required for hosted payments or if testing sandbox accounts)

Installing the Plugin

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and it can all be done from the web browser.

The manual installation method involves downloading the plugin manually and uploading it to the webserver in use via a FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.

1. To do an automatic install of this plugin, log in to the WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

2. Download the zip file located here. Click the Upload Plugin button. Click Choose File and select the zip folder you just downloaded. 

3. Click "Activate Plugin"

Setting up the plugin:​

1. An account with Simplify Commerce is necessary to set this up. There is a link for this within the settings page: WooCommerce --> Settings --> Checkout --> Simplify Commerce. 
Alternatively the signup page can be found here.

Select Sign up for Simplify Commerce to get started. 

3. Once a Simplify Commerce account is availible the following fields in this screenshot need to be filled out to finish the setup. 

Enable Simplify Commerce – Check this box to enable the gateway and make it available to the customers on the website.

Title – This is what the customer will see when selecting the gateway they want to use when checking out.

Description – Used alongside the title to include more information about this gateway.

Payment Mode – Two options on how the card form will appear.
  • Standard – The card field appears on the checkout page.
  • Hosted Payments – Hosted Payments must be enabled in the API Keys settings.
  • With SSL: A modal dialog will appear on the checkout page.
  • Without SSL: Customers are redirected to Simplify Commerce's secure site to pay.

Modal Colour – Only available when Hosted Payments is selected above in Payment Mode.

Sandbox – Enabling sandbox mode will allow the testing of orders using the test credit card numbers found here: Test credit card numbers.
Sandbox mode does not require an SSL certificate. Make sure Sandbox mode is disabled on a live site when products are about to start being sold.

The API keys can be found here on the Simplify Commerce account page that is being used:

Public Key – This is the live key found on the API Keys section for live payments. SSL is needed.
Private Key – This is the live key found on the API Keys section for live payments. SSL is needed. 
Sandbox Public Key – (Test Mode) – Sandbox must be enabled to use this field.
Sandbox Private Key – (Test Mode) – Sandbox must be enabled to use this field.

Possible Pitfalls

If this warning is showing up on the admin page when trying to enable the Simplify Plugin, it means you either do not have WooCommerce installed, or the plugin is not supported with the version of WooCommerce installed.

If "Simplify Commerce" does not appear as an option, make sure the "base location" is changed to Australia. This is done in this location: Wordpress admin --> WooCommerce --> Settings --> General Options --> Base Location and should be set to somewhere in the United States, Australia, or Ireland.

If Wordpress is installed on localhost, the checkbox for "force secure checkout" should be unchecked on the WooCommerce checkout settings or it will try to use https:// and the checkout page will not work.

If there is an API error being received, it should be checked that the correct Public & Private Keys have been input (not test keys) and that Sandbox is disabled.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Where can I find the change log to see the latest new features and developments for the plugin?

The change log can be accessed here

Is Simplify Commerce bundled with WooCommerce?

No, it no longer comes pre-bundled since WooCommerce 2.6 and above, you will have to install using the instructions above.

Does this extension support recurring payments in Subscriptions?

As of WooCommerce 2.2+, Simplify now works with both manual and automatic recurring payments in WooCommerce Subscriptions extension.

When I click 'place order' in my checkout why does it take so long for the order to complete?​

If you use Chrome Dev tools to check out what requests are taking the longest, and click preserve log on the network tab, you should see something similar to this: ?wc-ajax=checkout. If you do, this is a common problem with WooCommerce and you will need to raise a support request directly with them. 

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