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osCommerce Installation Guide

Last Updated: Mar 07, 2017 01:49PM CST
The following is needed before you get started:

Working Installation of osCommerce
A server with CURL support — to communicate with the API
PHP 4+ (5+ recommended)
MySQL v3+ (v5+ recommended)

SSL/HTTPS is preferable — to keep customer data safe (not specifically required as payments are made using a hosted payment modal)

Installation Steps

This guide assumes that a version of osCommerce is already installed and running.

1. Go to and download the zip of the source code on that page.

2. Extract the files from the zip file that is downloaded, copy the 'catalog' folder and merge this with the 'catalog' folder in the osCommerce root directory.

3. Log in to the admin section of the store - usually the website name with /admin/ or possibly /catalog/admin/ after it -

4. On the left hand side click Modules --> Payment.

5. Click the 'Install Module' button on the top right hand side of the page.

6. Scroll down to find the 'Credit and Debit Cards (Simplify Commerce)' entry in the list of modules. Click the Simplify module and click the 'Install Module' button.

7. Once the module is installed, the page will redirect. The Simplify module should now be in the list of active payment modules. Highlight the module again and click the 'Edit' button to set it up.

Steps 8 to 15 refer to items on this page.

8. The module should only be set to true when all of the other required settings have been inputted and you are ready to process payments.

9. Select between using live mode or test payments using the sandbox.

10. Enter the public and private API keys into the appropriate fields for the live and sandbox mode. For information on API keys click here.

11. The API keys needed here can be found accessing the Simplify Commerce account that is going to be used and going to Settings --> API Keys. The API Keys being used must be enabled for hosted payments as this module cannot be used for standard payments. 

12. The API keys are as follows:

Public Key – This is the live key found on the API Keys section for live payments. SSL is needed.
Private Key – This is the live key found on the API Keys section for live payments. SSL is needed.
Sandbox Public Key – (Test Mode) – Sandbox must be enabled to use this field.
Sandbox Private Key – (Test Mode) – Sandbox must be enabled to use this field.

13. Set the sort order to whatever order the Simplify Payment option should show up on the screen.

14. Set the status of the orders made using the Simplify Payment Module.

15. Set the debug logging to true and input a location for the log file if you want to debug the module at any stage.

16. Save Changes. The Simplify Commerce Payment Module will now show up as an option on the shopping cart.

Possible Pitfalls

The default username/password combination to log into phpMyAdmin is 'root' and whatever password was used when installing X-Cart originally.

Make sure the keys are correct and match what is on the CommBank Simplify Commerce Profile that is being used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the osCommerce page for downloading the module?

The page can be found here

Is Simplify Commerce bundled with osCommerce?

No, it does not come pre-bundled with osCommerce, it will have to be installed using the instructions above.

Where can I check for errors?

The instructions in step 15 should be used if you wish to find errors that are happening with the plugin.

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