Can I edit a product in my store?

Yes. Click on “Products” in the stores navigation to get to your product list. To edit a product, click on the name of the product you wish to edit. On this screen, you can select the product type and whether it’s a fixed price or a donation. You can adjust the product title, the price and the description. You also have the option to add tax or add product options such as size and colour. By clicking the “Sell in store?” toggle, you’re enabling the product to be available for sale in your web store. You can add shipping to a purchase. You can even limit the number of items that can be purchased in a single transaction.

To edit a product image, click on the product photo, and you’ll be redirected to CommBank Simplify’s product editing screen. Here you can drag and reposition the photo or use the built-in slider to adjust the image size. When you’re finished, click “Crop & Save.”

This screen also allows you to create a shareable button. To get started, click “Share.” You have an option to copy a direct link to the product in your store or build a button. The CommBank Simplify Button Builder allows you to quickly and easily change the colour, shape and messaging on a button. To embed the product button, copy the provided code and paste it into your website. To save your changes, click “Save Product.” You can now see the product displayed on your product list.


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